Versa worked in partnership with Eric Wright Construction and Buttress Architects on their recent project renovating Anocats Dispensary, Manchester. The project aimed to revitalise the historic grade 2 listed building, preserving its architectural heritage while incorporating modern amenities.

Design Considerations

Versa worked closely with Buttress Architects’ design intention to create a large 15m x 3.6m bespoke combined cycle & bin store. This space featured internal double-tier cycle racking to accommodate 40 cycles a 3.6 x 6.3m bin store.

Special attention was given to the historical significance of the old dispensary. Considerations had been made to balance functionality and aesthetics incorporating regular feedback from Buttress. The challenge was to create a space that seamlessly blended with the historical structure while serving contemporary needs. The use of galvanised mild steel and polyester powder coatings showcase the commitment to durable and visually appealing solutions.


The collaborative effort resulted in a successful renovation that not only met the project’s functional objectives but also contributed to the preservation of Ancoats Dispensary’s historical identity. The combined cycle & bin store became a seamless addition, enhancing the overall utility of the building without compromising its architectural integrity.

Versa’s collaboration with EWC and Buttress exemplified how careful consideration of historical context can lead to innovative solutions in renovation projects.

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