Barnfield Construction made contact with Versa regarding the newly developed Ringtail Retail Park in Burscough. The project was nearing its completion stages and required street furniture for this phase. Barnfield Construction browsed and sourced a selection of pre-existing street furniture products from the Versa website and incorporated them into a pitch that they sent to the client to be accepted. The selected Versa products were successfully approved by the client and the manufacturing began.

metal cycle shelters installed at a retail park


We were proud to be a part of this new development and agreed that the selected products from the contractor would be suitable for the site at which they were going to be installed. Our range of products was to be primarily placed in front of Booths and Aldi and consisted of Cycle shelters, Bollards, hooped barriers, cycle stands, and trolly protection rails.


The largest product for this project was indeed the cycle shelter that was required to securely house customer and employees cycles whilst they went about their business. The cycle shelter that Barnfield Construction picked to be used for this project was the Versa ‘Pennington’ shelter. This shelter is one of our most popular cycle shelter designs. Being of a cantilever design means it’s very open and allows the user to operate the facility unrestricted. A single modular section of the Pennington Cycle Shelter allows users to comfortably park up 6 cycles. Two Pennington Cycle Shelters were ordered for this project and were arranged back to back making it so their access points faced in different directions.

Cycle shelter with a bike and bik stands
cycle shelter at a retail park


To fit underneath the Pennington Cycle Shelter, the contractor ordered 10 (5 per shelter) Versa Sheffield Cycle Stands. A basic but effective cycle locking point to ensure people’s property remain safe. The Sheffield’s were supplied in mild steel and galvanised and were fixed into position with baseplates for an easier installation.

mild steel cycle stands
bike locked to a sheffield cycle stand


As a means of creating barriers or denying access to ensure people follow a safe route, hooped barriers were used. We supplied hooped barriers in stainless steel with a tapping bar to restrict access to the rears of the Pennington Shelters. This stopped the public from traveling behind the shelters. Hooped barriers were also used to form trolly bays outside of the Aldi. An easy way to store trolleys in a zoned area, designed to keep them together in neat rows. The hooped barriers that were installed were made from stainless steel in 316 grade to provide everlasting protection.

stainless steel hooped barrier
stainless steel trolly bay units outside shop


As modern retail park designs start to use more expensive metal cladding or glass windows, it becomes necessary to protect these areas when possible, especially when there are consumers with trollies. The Versa Floor Protection Rail ensures any uncontrolled or accidental trolly operation that causes damage to anything breakable is prevented. The Floor Protection Rail follows the outline of the desired area you wish to protect interior and exterior.

stainless steel trolly protection rail
trolley protection rail installed at retail park


With all retail parks, public protection is key. Bollards are ideal in protecting shoppers that travel on foot next to car parking areas.The Versa ‘Farg’ stainless steel bollard was selected to be the bollard of choice to follow the outline of the pavement area and protect people from vehicles. The Farg stainless steel bollard was root fixed, giving it extra strength and prevent it from being knocked over easily. The bollard was finished with a stainless steel shroud which hides any unsightly any ground working around the base from where the bollard meets the ground.

farg stainless steel bollards at retail park
close up shot of stainless steel bollard