Versa was Approached by Deanery High School to create a bespoke run of Canopies. The school has recently been redeveloped and was in the final stages of completion. Due to the lack of shelter around the existing school grounds, a shelter was needed for the open route between two main buildings and various spots on the schoolyard. Versa worked closely with the school to create a bespoke canopy design to fit the desired areas. The school decided on a cantilevered canopy design, a canopy type that uses strong uprights and provides a large sheltered area without the need for extra legs for support. We decided to name the canopy design the ‘Beckett’.


After the design was signed off by Deanery High School, Versa got to work on the construction of the shelter. The whole project was designed and manufactured in-house. This enabled us to keep a close eye on the manufacturing process to make sure everything was going to plan. The canopy legs were constructed from heavy-duty mild steel box section as they needed to strong enough to support cantilever design. Once the canopy frame and roof sections were complete, they then needed to be hot dipped galvanised before they went to powder-coated in RAL 5002-Ultramarine Blue.


Versa were able to fulfill the installation process of this project. Before the canopy arrived on site, the groundwork had to be prepared in order for the canopies to be securely installed. The canopy was constructed longer than is visible above ground as it needed to be sub-surface fixed to concrete pads underneath the ground which were built by the Versa installation team. Once the ground was prepared, It took the Versa team _ days to complete the installation of the large 56 meter and a 15 meter canopy.


Deanery High School was extremely happy with the work Versa produced and the service that we provided. Being in Wigan and on our door step, it was important for us to a correct job and provide an outstanding service. The school decided that a second phase of canopies were needed for their school grounds. The school now required additional shelters of slightly smaller lengths of 36 & 28 meter. Without hesitation, we got to work on the second phase of the Beckett Canopies.


  • Large run of canopy sections to create a walk way
  • Stand alone canopy