Our recent collaboration with John Sisk involved working as a sub-contractor for a comprehensive street furniture and planter package on the prestigious Latitude Purple project in Leeds for Hub Residential.

The Scope of the sub-contract package included the design, manufacture, supply and installation of street furniture across the site and bespoke planters to level 16 & level 20 of the two towers and across the central podium linking them both.


Throughout the project we encountered various challenges, one of the most significant was to address the level differences which were created to address rainfall to the large podium area. Versa where tasked with creating raising sections which could sit on the surface of the podium without being fixed into the structure whilst ensuring that the base of the planter walls would sit level with the finished flags.

Other challenges that we needed to address was the site logistics and how to get large planters onto the level 16 & level 20 terraces.



To overcome the challenges encountered, our design and manufacturing teams worked closely to implement our solutions. We engineered adjustable raising sections for our planters allowing us to adapt to the varying heights. We where able to bolt the planter walls onto these sections which would be linked with opposing braces therefore creating one large solid planter. By creating this solid structure, this then allowed us to avoid bolting into the roof structure.


The manufacturing process for our planter solution involved precision engineering and thorough attention to detail. We worked closely with John Sisk to integrate the adjustable raising sections into the planter design therefore allowing us to create a planter, not only to the required aesthetic but ensuring the structural integrity was not compromised.



The successful installation of the planters highlighted the effectiveness of our adjustable raising sections and showcases Versa’s commitment to overcoming challenges through innovation.

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