Versa was approached by ____ who we had worked with previously on other projects. __ had the requirement of street furniture at two locations in the newly developed Media City in Manchester. Media City is one of the top redevelopment projects in the northwest that Versa was proud to able to be a part of.


The first site to be complete with our street furniture was for the Dock Office on Furness Quay. Their grounds have a small park area for office employees to relax and eat lunch in. ____ had specified the Versa Essex timber and steel Seat to be the ideal choice of seating to fit this recreational environment.  The Essex Seat is unique in looks, chunky timber slats rest on top of __mm mild steel plate that is folded into shape to create the legs. A modern and industrial looking seating option. Versa was also tasked with creating a bespoke version of the Essex seat. The Essex curved bench was designed and manufactured especially for this section. It was necessary for extra-large seating to be designed to make use of the extra space this gardened area had. The two curved benches followed the shape of the path around the garden space for an aesthetic look.


The completion of the Premier Inn on Blue Street is the location of the second collection of Versa’s products. Versa supplied a range of street furniture to this location that was the finishing touches to the newly developed site. The range of products supplied was a mixture of specified items and bespoke items that went through design stages and approved by the contractor.


A bespoke design of a trellis and planter product was commissioned to Versa. The Trellis was of a Contractor design requirement which consisted of a modern lattice looking with a random arrangement of mild steel lines that made up the focal point to this product. The base was a simple planter box made from mild steel, large enough to allow the plants to flourish with plenty of room to encourage healthy growth. The trellis was powder-coated to __


Now called the ‘Media’ litter bin, another bespoke creation was required for Versa to design and manufacture. The Media is of a contemporary look, built with fluid lines in mind. The whole bin consists of angles and curves to minimalise any flat surfaces to create a more flowing shape. The main body of the bin is made from 316 stainless steel whilst the legs were formed from mild steel and powder coated to __ to fall in line with the colour scheme of the rest of the street furniture.


The Versa Wayfinder sign was selected for the project. Given the location as being a main access road in to Media City and having the biggest car parking solution for the development here as well, means lots of foot traffic would pass this area and signage was necessary. The Wayfinder is of a tall design using a stainless steel circular hollow section to give its height and uses mild steel fingers to point the way.


Seating was also required at this location. The contractor browsed through our selection of granite benches and liked the look of our Wallgate granite bench but wanted a slight design alteration. The Media granite bench was born from a contractor specification to include a shadow gap at the bottom of the bench. A rough finish of the granite was also part of the specification.


The area around the premier Inn needed extra furniture to accommodate foliage that was needed to be planted around the site. The Alexander planter was the chosen product to be used. The Alexander was chosen because of the size a bespoke version could be created to. The requirement for a bespoke Alexander was to be large enough to able to hold a tree and its future growth.


As the area towards the rear of the hotel is different in height from the area next to it, a balustrade was needed to aid the user in the transition of the height difference. The versa ___ was used to fulfill the requirement. The ____ is of a modular design and made from 316 stainless steel. The ___ is a sleek looking handrail and consists of downturned featured ends for a more fluid appearance.


As the Premier Inn has no area for the storage of waste bins inside the building, they acquired some space towards the rear and next to the multistorey car park. This area from where the bins would be stored needed an enclosure to protect the bins from unauthorised access and to keep them from public view as industrial bins are generally unsightly. Versa developed a new Bin store design that was bespoke for this area to tick the boxes of bin storage. The bin store has two dual access with keypad access, so only authorised persons may gain entry. The bin store is made from mild steel frames with square mesh panels and was cladded with treated timber posts for a more natural facade to suit its environment. The Bin store design holds several large industrial bins and many smaller household size bins.


The final product of this project was the Versa Ring Cycle Stand. The Ring was supplied as base plate fixed so that the contractor was able to fix them straight to the concrete on the ground. The Ring is a stainless steel product in 316 grade.


Versa was extremely happy as well as the contractor with the outcome of all the products supplied for this job. All of the products supplied suited their application perfectly. We were glad we got the opportunity to a part of this project and we look forward to dealing with ____ in the future and to be considered for supplying street furniture for similar kinds of projects.


  • Telescopic bollards
  • Handrail System
  • Mild steel planters
  • Stainless steel litter bins
  • Timber & steel seats and benches
  • Signage
  • Stainless steel cycle stands
  • Timber & steel industrial bin store
  • Granite seating