Sometimes we don’t have the space to use our pre-existing product designs and the ability to adapt is a strength we have at Versa. We are extremely flexible and work with our clients to ensure they get the product they need. When the Posthouse, a modern gin, and beer bar in Wigan got in touch to provide them with a canopy to fit their floor plan, we were instantly able to accommodate their request. The directors at the Posthouse settled on our Preston lean-to canopy design, a simple modular structure needed to fit within the confines of the building length but needed to width to ensure it would cover the seating area.

After viewing the drawings for the proposed canopy, the Posthouse directors gave the go-ahead for the manufacture to begin. The structure was to be powder coated black and have clear view PET glazing. To make the canopy more unique and in keeping with the branding of the bar, laser-cut circular logos where attached to the legs of the canopy.


  • Large run of canopy sections to create a walk way
  • Stand alone canopy

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