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Versa’s range of stainless steel bollards is available in Grade 304 stainless steel, for more aggressive environments such as industrial or coastal areas, Grade 316 stainless steel. Stainless steel bollards have become more popular with architects and specifiers in recent years as the trend in street furniture changes to a more modern, contemporary look. Stainless Steel Bollards produce a clean, co-ordinated look which create an image of prestige and quality. 

The very low maintenance properties of Stainless Steel requires only occasional cleaning. Extra care is required in more aggressive environments where a more frequent maintenance program can be adopted.

Versa’s stainless steel bollards are available in a host of different sizes, designs and finishes. Bollard diameters range from 90mm to 245mm, the root depth and heights above ground can be specified by the client, giving you complete flexibility in design. Our most popular bollard finish is brushed satin that delivers the classic stainless steel appearance. The requirement for anti-ram and pedestrian-protection bollards has led us to design a range of internally-strengthened stainless steel bollards.